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Mental Health

What are the symptoms of Depression?

There are other symptoms but these are the main ones:-
Constant sighing
Not wanting to leave the house
Not wanting to talk to friends or family
Staying up all night, sleeping all day

Who can be affected?

Depression can happen to anyone regardless of age or sex. It can happen at anytime even if life seems to be perfect.
You may question yourself  “what's wrong with me?”
Everyone gets depressed, but don't be afraid to tell people like friends and family. But your Doctor is the best person to tell.
You can be affected especially if there has been major changes in your life or something depressing has happened past and is still on your mind.


For People with Mental Health:
Help is available please contact us.

Everyone feels a bit low sometimes - it's the mental health equivalent of the common cold. But for some people it's much more serious, paralysing their ability to get on with life.